Souf #2


Mir Mola was born in 1978 in Ramsar, Iran. He received his BA in “hand-woven carpets design” in 2000 in Isfahan and his master’s degree in “handicraft” in 2006 in Tehran.
Presently, with the aim of supplying high quality hand-woven materials, he runs Soraya Gallery in Tehran where many hand-made artworks are on display.

Along with pursuing his academic degrees, Mir Mola studied traditional Iranian arts under several prominent teachers in Isfahan and Tehran. He knew all along that in order to accomplish his objectives and create what serves to manifest the uniqueness of his art in connection with its historical roots, he had to focus on literature, the outstanding Iranian art.

As a result of his dedication to what he had learned and his observational understanding of art he stepped onto a totally abstractive and different setting in the process of design and weaving carpets.

the way these hand-made artworks are developed is like traversing an untrodden path, entering uncharted territory and strikingly different from the usual urban Persian carpets.

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Dimensions 260 × 160 cm

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